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WiiWare Information

Posted by bigredpimp on February 22, 2008

So with the launch of WiiWare coming in May, a lot of people in the community seem to have a lot of questions remaining. There’s been no solid information for potential developers available in any of my searches on how to enroll in the program so I’ve contacted Nintendo about this matter. They have pointed me to their Wii developer application page.

First, let’s go through what we do know about WiiWare. GDC 2008 has opened up new information that gives us a little more insight to how things work.
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Long live the revolution (and I’m not talking Wii)

Posted by bigredpimp on March 1, 2007

Sony Blackballs Kotaku

Sony, you’ve started something that’s going to snowball. Only this snowball is getting bigger and bigger and heading in your direction. With as much as you try to emulate Nintendo’s way of doing things, you’re borrowing from the Nintendo of old on this one. You’re doomed to fail. As much as I hate you and suggest people to not support you, I can’t help but feel a miniscule bit of sorrow for you. How does it feel to pour salt on a wound that’s only starting to heal. Seriously, it’s like watching someone get kicked in the balls. Even when you’re not the one getting kicked, you can’t help but feel the pain as well.

Kotaku and more specifially Crecente, I admire your gilded balls of steel. You have made me feel proud of the industry I chose to get into. As much as the publishers and the platform creators try to control what kind of publicity they get, even to the point of a big guy named Guido standing behind you with a barbed wire-covered piece of lumber in the form of a C&D or worse, it’s nice to see journalists who don’t cave to such bullying tactics. Stand up for your journalistic integrity. Don’t let people control what you say or do. You’ve faced He Who Shall Not Be Named and made him look like even more of a jackass than he has done for himself. Now it’s time for Sony to face the one thing that can make or break them in the years to come: the power of the public.

Thank you for furthering the pride I have in the video game industry.

*EDIT* And the follow-up

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