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PimpReview: Nyko Cord-Free

Posted by bigredpimp on August 30, 2008

After numerous hours of playing on my Wii and dreading the short span of cord between the Nunchuk and the Wii Remote, I thought to myself that it would be nice if there was some way to not only untether it but still be able to use it normally. Usually, third parties would solve this by making their own devices that try to copy the functionality. Luckily, I found one that doesn’t attempt to be a clone. Always on the lookout for unique and quirky accessories to enhance game play, I stumbled upon this gem.

Nyko Cord-Free Product Shot

The Nyko Cord-Free, while not winning any creative name awards, is a good solution to the Nunchuk tethering issue. It solves this by converting your standard Nunchuk into a wireless one. The package includes an adapter, the wireless grip attachment and 2 AAA batteries.

Cord-Free AdapterCord-Free Grip


It’s fairly straight to the point to set up out of box and shouldn’t give you any troubles. Attach the adapter to the port on the bottom of the Wii Remote. It’s powered by the controller itself and you’ll see that it’s working by pressing any button. It’ll blink a blue light occasionally to show that it’s trying to find the grip.

Then, attach the Nunchuk to the grip and wrap its cord around the provided storage area. It’s designed so the cord will fit nicely and still attach to the provided port. Toss in the AAAs and press the power button on the base of the grip to start searching for the adapter. When the Wii is powered on and the Wii Remote is all set to be used, the grip and the adapter will blink together to show they’re working. It reminds me a little of runway lights at times if you have more than 1 Wii Remote set up this way.


The plastic the Cord-Free uses seems to be the same as what’s used in the Wii Remote & Nunchuk so it’s fairly durable and thick. It is also very lightweight and adds just a slight bit of weight when attached. The “eject” buttons on the adapter, however, do seem a bit oddly placed and may give those of you with big hands (myself included) problems during heated game play. As for the grip itself, the cord storage could use some work as the final wrapping doesn’t seem to fit properly. The battery life is great. I’ve tested 4 games extensively off the 2 AAAs it came packaged with and they have yet to die on me.


This is a fairly cheap alternative to the Nyko Kama for those of you who are like me and don’t want to take a chance with a third party Nunchuk alternative. I managed to find mine at GameStop marked down from $19.99 to $9.99. $9.99 seems a bit more reasonable for a device that is meant to enhance a device rather than be a replacement.


I managed to try it with a few different games just to get an idea how well it handles. For the most part, it works flawlessly. Only a few slowdowns occurred but I think that’s something to chalk up to either the game I was testing or radio interference from the wi-fi network.


The game worked as it should. There weren’t any noticeable problems since it’s a fairly basic control scheme.

Red Steel

Unfortunately, I’m one of the early Wii adopters and happen to own this piece of trash thanks to launch day game selection. Regardless of that, the controls seemed just as sluggish and unresponsive as they do normally. I guess I can count this as a plus for the Cord-Free.

Wii Sports – Boxing

This is one of the games that always bothered me with a dangling cord. Not only did I manage to beat my previous record by using the Cord-Free, I put myself at the Pro level. The game still suffers because of its weak controls but the lack of a cord does make up for it.

Mario Strikers Charged

Now this is a game that could make or break this accessory for me. Not only does it manage to work perfectly for some of the later tiers of season mode, it actually made the game seem much better to play without the cord getting in the way. One of my problems with playing it has been that I hate the cord dangling when I’m trying to break the CPU’s meters. It would always feel like I’m going to yank the Nunchuk out of my hands. The Cord-Free setup has earned its spot next to my Wii.


I was pretty skeptical about buying the Cord-Free considering that my last Nyko device was the poorly-designed GBA Worm Light and that was a HUGE letdown. However, after giving it a chance, I have to say that I’m pretty impressed. It delivered exactly what I hoped it would and managed to do so in a low-profile manner. I’ll definitely be buying another set or 3 of these. Now if it works well with the Nyko Perfect Shot, I’ll be impressed.

BigRedPimp Seal of Approval

Stay tuned for a review of the Nyko Perfect Shot.


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