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Info about the Wii message headers

Posted by bigredpimp on November 27, 2007

It seems a few firmware updates ago, the processing of messages sent to a Wii user changed. Most, if not all, of the header information I’ve posted about in the past, while still valid, no longer applies to anyone other than Nintendo. That means: no more changing your displayed name & no more hiding the reply button (boo, was great for site mailings).

In my opinion, it would be nice to give users access to these things as they really don’t harm much and actually allow content creators to create unique applications using such features. To me, the message board is collecting dust and while I see Nintendo making advances to use it (the Check Mii Out notification opt-in/opt-out stuff is a good start), it’s still under-utilized.


2 Responses to “Info about the Wii message headers”

  1. Magitek said

    Do you happen to have any logs of your wii receiving email? When I used wireshark on mine, I found that it was getting encrypted packets. Also, do you know the email address that nintendo uses when they email announcements about channels, etc? I haven’t found much information on the web besides this blog about how the message board works, so I was curious. Thanks.

  2. bigredpimp said

    Nothing that’s of use really. All the logs I have are also encrypted. I’ve just been watching the outgoing HTTP requests to get the Wii messages they occasionally send for announcements. Also, the email addresses they use don’t seem to be of much use. However, just for completeness of information’s sake…

    From: announcement []
    To: allusers []

    Sending mail through normal means to these addresses does nothing. I believe they’re just dummies used for their mail daemon.

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