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Adding custom headers to Thunderbird

Posted by bigredpimp on February 8, 2007

Not directly game development related but just because I was asked to write a small tutorial on how to do it, here goes.

  1. Go to the Tools menu then go to Options
  2. Click the Advanced button then the General tab
  3. Click Config Editor and you’ll get a listing of options
  4. Right click on the list and choose New then String
  5. In the first box, you’ll be prompted to name your new option. Call it mail.compose.other.header.
  6. In the second box, input whatever additional headers you want to add as a comma-delimited string (mine has X-Wii-MB-NoReply,X-Wii-AltName,X-Wii-MB-UpdateSW,X-Wii-Id
  7. Close the options list, click ok on the options box and you’re good to go.

Now when you write an email as usual, if you look in the dropdown list that normally has the To field in it, you’ll find you can choose your new headers from it. See one of my previous posts for info on how to use your new headers.


One Response to “Adding custom headers to Thunderbird”

  1. nehe32 said

    Hey Big Red Pimp, im having trouble getting this to work
    i’ve edited the config and have sent and email with the altered headers but it hasnt worked. someone else has tried this but has also failed

    this is our thread if you want to view progress


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