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Special Wii-specific email headers

Posted by bigredpimp on January 12, 2007

When sending emails to the Wii, there are some special headers you can use to do certain things. This is still a bit of research going on so I don’t know everything yet. I’m pretty much going from data available right now.

Wii Image

X-Wii-MB-NoReply: 1
– When sent in an email header, this will allow you to hide the Reply button you normally see on messages.

X-Wii-AltName: [base64-encoded Unicode string]
– This will change the name shown at the top of the message. For instance, “X-Wii-AltName: AE4AaQBuAHQAZQBuAGQAbw==” will display “Nintendo” (sans quotes) at the top.

X-Wii-MB-UpdateSW: 1
– I don’t have too much information on this one. Supposedly, this is to give your message an “Update” button but I have yet to figure out how to use it. Was last seen in the Forecast Channel update email.

X-Wii-Id: w[16 digit Wii Number]
– This one may/may not be real for emails. I noticed this one being passed in HTTP data when polling the data for the Forecast Channel. I’m putting this here until I can disprove it.

More to come…


2 Responses to “Special Wii-specific email headers”

  1. qube77 said

    Thats really interesting stuff, how did you find out about it?

  2. bigredpimp said

    I’ve been logging data that the Wii requests through my proxy. Three of the headers are from the messages that were sent out on release of the Forecast & Internet Channels.

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