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Special Wii-specific email headers

Posted by bigredpimp on January 12, 2007

When sending emails to the Wii, there are some special headers you can use to do certain things. This is still a bit of research going on so I don’t know everything yet. I’m pretty much going from data available right now.

Wii Image

X-Wii-MB-NoReply: 1
– When sent in an email header, this will allow you to hide the Reply button you normally see on messages.

X-Wii-AltName: [base64-encoded Unicode string]
– This will change the name shown at the top of the message. For instance, “X-Wii-AltName: AE4AaQBuAHQAZQBuAGQAbw==” will display “Nintendo” (sans quotes) at the top.

X-Wii-MB-UpdateSW: 1
– I don’t have too much information on this one. Supposedly, this is to give your message an “Update” button but I have yet to figure out how to use it. Was last seen in the Forecast Channel update email.

X-Wii-Id: w[16 digit Wii Number]
– This one may/may not be real for emails. I noticed this one being passed in HTTP data when polling the data for the Forecast Channel. I’m putting this here until I can disprove it.

More to come…


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Wii Japanese Friend Registration

Posted by bigredpimp on January 9, 2007

Subject: Wiiフレンド とうろくメール

この方の「Wii」のメールアドレスは、”[Wii Number] ”です。

メールアドレス”[Wii Number] ”とのメールのやりとりができるようになります。


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Wii Friend Registration emails

Posted by bigredpimp on January 4, 2007

Still missing Japanese…

Wii Friend Registration Mail

An owner of a Wii Console is asking permission
to register you as a Wii Friend to exchange
e-mail with you. This individual's Wii e-mail address is
[Wii Number]

If you would like to exchange e-mail with this
individual, simply reply to this message.
You will then be able to exchange e-mail with
the following Wii address:
[Wii Number]

If you are unfamiliar with this Wii console and
its sender, please erase this e-mail without
responding to it.

E-Mail zur Registrierung als Wii-Freund

Ich möchte über meine Wii-Konsole
mit der Adresse

[Wii Number]

E-Mail-Nachrichten mit dir

Falls du meiner Einladung folgen
möchtest, antworte einfach direkt
auf diese E-Mail. Wir können dann
mit dem Austausch von Nachrichten

Falls du meiner Einladung nicht
folgen möchtest oder diese Nachricht
fälschlicherweise erhalten hast,
lösche diese E-Mail bitte ohne
darauf zu antworten.

E-mail d'enregistrement d'un ami Wii

Je voudrais échanger des e-mails avec
vous à partir de ma console Wii.
Mon adresse e-mail est
[Wii Number].

Si vous acceptez ma proposition,
répondez à ce message afin que nous
puissions échanger des messages.

Si vous n'acceptez pas ma proposition
ou si vous avez reçu cet e-mail par erreur,
veuillez effacer ce message sans y répondre.

Correo electrónico para registrar amigos Wii

Me gustaría intercambiar mensajes
contigo a través de mi consola Wii
usando esta dirección de correo
[Wii Number].

Si aceptas mi invitación, responde
directamente a este correo
electrónico y podremos comenzar
a intercambiar mensajes.

Si prefieres rechazar mi invitación
o has recibido este correo por error,
no respondas al mensaje y bórralo.

E-mail di registrazione Amici Wii

Vorrei cominciare a corrispondere con
te con messaggi e-mail attraverso
la mia console Wii utilizzando il
seguente indirizzo e-mail:
[Wii Number].

Se vuoi accettare il mio invito,
rispondi a questa e-mail e potremo
così iniziare la nostra corrispondenza.

Se non vuoi accettare questo invito
o hai ricevuto questa e-mail per
sbaglio, ti prego di non rispondere
a questo messaggio e di cancellarlo.

Registratiemail Wii-vriend

Ik wil graag berichten uitwisselen via mijn Wii-systeem. Mijn adres is [Wii Number] .

Als je mijn uitnodiging accepteert, kun je op deze e-mail reageren zodat we berichten kunnen uitwisselen.

Als je mijn uitnodiging niet wil accepteren of deze per ongeluk hebt ontvangen, kun je deze e-mail verwijderen zonder hem te beantwoorden.

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