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PimpReview: Nyko Cord-Free

Posted by bigredpimp on August 30, 2008

After numerous hours of playing on my Wii and dreading the short span of cord between the Nunchuk and the Wii Remote, I thought to myself that it would be nice if there was some way to not only untether it but still be able to use it normally. Usually, third parties would solve this by making their own devices that try to copy the functionality. Luckily, I found one that doesn’t attempt to be a clone. Always on the lookout for unique and quirky accessories to enhance game play, I stumbled upon this gem.
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ICANN/IANA Gambling – Place Your Bets

Posted by bigredpimp on July 7, 2008

From StoneCypher’s blog:

ICANN has announced their intent to allow the registration of new gTLDs in a repeated auction process, starting for the princely sum of $100,000 for a handful of letters. In IRC in debate the question came up how many vanity 1st level domains (hereafter vanity 1ld) would be purchased.

IANA / ICANN Gambling! Place your bets, be a psychic

My bet is 840. What’s yours?

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Wii observations redux

Posted by bigredpimp on March 14, 2008

It’s been a little over a year since my first analysis of the Wii feature set and I believe it’s time for me to take another look. We’ve seen quite a few firmware updates since then and a lot has been added feature-wise. The current state of the Wii is still weaker than the rest of the consoles in this round and I still have a lot of the same complaints. There’s also the complaints I have in my analysis of Mii usage However, a lot of stuff has been addressed from my last post.
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WiiWare Information

Posted by bigredpimp on February 22, 2008

So with the launch of WiiWare coming in May, a lot of people in the community seem to have a lot of questions remaining. There’s been no solid information for potential developers available in any of my searches on how to enroll in the program so I’ve contacted Nintendo about this matter. They have pointed me to their Wii developer application page.

First, let’s go through what we do know about WiiWare. GDC 2008 has opened up new information that gives us a little more insight to how things work.
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More Wii message header fun

Posted by bigredpimp on January 22, 2008

Passed to me from a source I would like to keep unnamed for now. These were found through means uncovered in the past month or so and are no way taken from any official source.

X-Wii-Cmd: %08X
X-Wii-DWCId: %08X
X-Wii-IconNew: %08X
X-Wii-MB-Delay: %02X
X-Wii-MB-NoReply: –
X-Wii-MB-RegDate: %04X
X-Wii-Tag: %08X

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Known Wii-related hosts

Posted by bigredpimp on November 27, 2007

I’m just listing these as I see them. I should make an effort to label their use as well.

* – Seen when message polling – Connection test maybe?

* – Weather data per location – Usually seen when a message is being pushed to the Wii Message Board – Seems to be used for retrieving data for the Check Mii Out channel – Same as above but for sending – Voting channel data retrieval – Voting channel data submission


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Info about the Wii message headers

Posted by bigredpimp on November 27, 2007

It seems a few firmware updates ago, the processing of messages sent to a Wii user changed. Most, if not all, of the header information I’ve posted about in the past, while still valid, no longer applies to anyone other than Nintendo. That means: no more changing your displayed name & no more hiding the reply button (boo, was great for site mailings).

In my opinion, it would be nice to give users access to these things as they really don’t harm much and actually allow content creators to create unique applications using such features. To me, the message board is collecting dust and while I see Nintendo making advances to use it (the Check Mii Out notification opt-in/opt-out stuff is a good start), it’s still under-utilized.

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Mii need love too

Posted by bigredpimp on April 10, 2007

I was pondering on some ideas for how Nintendo can use the Mii system for something other than using them in their own games. It seems a bit silly to me that the Mii aren’t used for much else right now. I propose some sort of new channel (I’d even pay for it if this became a reality) that would give the Mii a bit more personality. Now this may come with whatever they decide to do with Animal Crossing but its at least letting me get my ideas out there.
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NCL’s first set of Celebrity Mii

Posted by bigredpimp on March 14, 2007

Celebrity Mii picture
さんまさん (Sanma Akashiya)(bio)
まつおかさん (Shuzo Matsuoka)(bio)

See the Japanese ad of the two here.

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Another Wiimail message header

Posted by bigredpimp on March 14, 2007

X-Wii-AppId: [App ID]
This one apparently is used to send data to specific apps on the Wii, eg. the Mii Channel. The first known use of this one is through NCL (Nintendo of Japan) to send custom celebrity Mii to their users.
Celebrity Mii picture

So for that case, the message contained the following:
X-Wii-AppId: 0-48414341-3031

More info on the use of this as I look deeper.

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